LARCOD Engages In The Following Activities

Providing School Fees, Uniforms and School Supplies for Vulnerable and Orphaned Children

We contribute as LARCOD members, but the number of bright children in need of assistance has grown larger than we can support on our own. We seek additional funds from any who have it in their hearts to help these children achieve education and reach a brighter future.

Providing Feminine Hygiene Supplies For Girls

Did you know?

Over 500,000 girls in Kenya miss at least 4 days of school every month due to difficulties managing their menstrual flow. This is 10-25% of their school time, creating a disadvantage for girls.

Many young girls cannot afford sanitary towels during their monthly periods. They use old rags and sometimes they can't afford soap to wash the rags and many times they get infections which become hard to treat.

Also, many girls do not have underwear to hold sanitary towels in position for effective use, which can lead to staining and embarrassment.

Providing sanitary towels and underwear saves girls from physical and emotional harm and helps them stay in school so that they can learn and work towards becoming productive and happy adults with bright futures.


Health Education Programs

LARCOD personnel visit local schools to teach girls basic hygiene principles as well as provide free sanitary towels. This improves school attendance as the majority of girls miss school during their menses.

There is also a health education program for boys to teach them about reproductive health, their sexuality and forming good relationships.

Shelter, Clothing and Care

LARCOD assists children between the ages of 5 years to 18 years by providing goods such as clothing, bedding, etc. Children are fostered in people's homes to ensure they receive good care, love, and attention.

Access to Health Care

Whenever children are sick they are taken to the sub-district hospital for the area.

Psychosocial Support and Education

The children are counseled about the various issues they face to help them cope in positive ways.


Nutrition and Food Security

This is a great challenge, but donations are distributed whenever they are received.


Legal Protection and Prevention of Abuse and Exploitation

We report cases to the children's department and try to work together to help the child in need.


Educational Programs for Youths

We mobilize Youth Groups within the community and enlightening them on the importance of education and what they can do as energetic members of the community to improve the literacy level.

Programs for Women's Groups

Education and Mobilization

We mobilize women through various Women Groups to sensitize them about their rights and roles with respect to socio-economic development.

Group Savings and Loan Programs:

We organize women into social groups and encouraging them to embrace small scale savings and credit programs. We provide them with links to sustainable financial institutions where the women can get meaningful financial assistance to start viable businesses. This enables women to generate income so they may care for themselves and their children, be independent and improve their bargaining power and influence in the community.