LARCOD was founded by people local to this area.
We see the needs of vulnerable children and women and hope for a brighter future for our community. Some of us were orphaned or vulnerable children ourselves. Some of us have been able to achieve education and good employment. We are inspired to help others do the same, but there are currently so many in need that it is very challenging.

Erick Wara - Chairman

Erick is the principal of a local secondary school.
In addition to being Chairman of LARCOD, he cares for and supports three orphans.

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Hellen Staula - Secretary & Coordinator

Hellen's mother died when she was 8 and she and her 5 siblings were separated into different households. Life was a struggle both physically and emotionally, but she was able to stay in school and become a trained counselor.  In addition to her many activities with LARCOD, she is employed at a hospital and often takes vulnerable children into her home.

My name is Hellen Staula Oromo. I was the first born in a family of six children. My mother died when I was 8 years old and as a result, my siblings had to be divided under the care of my step-mothers. Life proved to be so difficult and as the eldest, I had to take charge of my siblings as I went to school.

My elder step-sister got married and took responsibility for me, but she could not take in all of us. She paid my school fees and other basics. Her meager earnings were barely enough to take care of her own family and me, an extra child who came in to her family without any preparation. Despite the care that she accorded me, I still missed my siblings and so on several occasions I went to join my siblings wherever they were. I witnessed the painful reality of life like going without food, and having no bedding. Life was harsh and frustrating!

One of my younger brothers and one sister ended up on the street, while a friend took in another. A relative took my other brother as a herd’s boy. Later on a friend took my brother from the street and employed him as a shopkeeper, giving him shelter in return. In short, we suffered! In the quest of trying to find a lasting solution, I got married early and took up a counseling course to deal with the bitterness that I harbored in my heart, and to give me the skills to guide my siblings.

Thank God I chose that line and took up counseling psychology as a profession! It made me give life a different look, and the challenges I had faced led me to develop a soft spot for other destitute children. I learnt to help in order to give back to the society. I learnt to love and to give and to care for children. I learnt to talk nicely to people, particularly to children in order to give them hope in life.

Thank God for the husband He gave me. He typically understands and whenever he finds a new child in our home, he has learnt to accept them and to assist in their care. Having so many of the children under our care is what motivated us to find LARCOD.

Joshua Omondi Magayi -

Organizer Secretary and Representative of Youth Affairs

Joshua grew up in a Kisumu slum. His father died when he was small and his mother died eight years later, which left him responsible for the care of his 5 siblings. The challenges he and his siblings faced to stay in school and find basic necessities opened his eyes. These experiences made him passionate about supporting other children in this situation and his work with LARCOD.

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Daniel Okweh - Treasurer

Daniel’s father died when he was young and he had to struggle to find school fees. He was able to graduate and is employed in Banking. He and his wife have brought multiple orphans into their home, but they see more in need then they can help on their own, so they helped form LARCOD.

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Titus is a bright boy who's grandparents are raising him and several other children. LARCOD helps him stay in school.

Monica fosters Fidel in her home so that he has good care and a loving family environment. Hellen often visits them.

Kerina leads a women's group. They meet at members homes to share information and plan income generating activities.

Val's mother belongs to a Women's group which helps her generate income to feed her children.