Support Us

You can support LARCOD programs in many ways

  • Donate Funds
  • Donate Goods
  • Donate Time
  • Like our Facebook page and inform your friends and colleagues

Your contributions both big & small will help people create 
a brighter future for themselves and their community.

For example:

800 Ksh/ $10 US/ 8 EURO can typically provide a girl with Sanitary Towels for 6 months

6,000 Ksh/ $75 US/ 60 EURO can typically provide a child with a pair of school uniforms (required for school attendance in Kenya)

10,000 Ksh/ $125 US / 100 EURO can typically provide a woman with a small business loan (when she pays it back, the money will go on to be loaned to another woman)

42,000 Ksh/ $525 US / 420 EURO can typically provide a child with school fees for a year

You can send funds in several different ways:

EMT (electronic money transfer) directly to our Bank.

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Via Western Union


  • Western Union is a secure money transfer service that lets you use a credit card or bank account to send money internationally.

  • To use Western Union online you will need to register at the site and follow several steps

o For money transfer to Kenya, select the option for delivery to a Western Union agent location and use the LARCOD contact person, Hellen Staula as the individual to pick up the donation.

o You will be asked to create a "test question" as one of the steps so that the money can only be picked up by the right person.

o As another security step during the online process, Western Union will call your phone to give you a code to enter before the transaction will complete.

Please send an email to the LARCOD email address ( so that Hellen knows to pick up your donation and begin to put it to good use.

o Be sure to include the test question and answer, and the MTCN number that Western Union assigns to your transfer in the email to LARCOD so that the agent will release the funds to Hellen.

  • Western Union will send you an email when the money is picked up.

  • Hellen will also send you an email to thank you for your donation. 


Our Bank Details are as follows

Account Name:  Lake Region Community Development
Account Number:  06528210001
Bank Name:  Bank of Africa, Kenya
Bank Branch:  Kisumu Branch
Swift Code:   AFRIKENX

How to Donate Goods:

We are always looking for donations of these items: sanitary towels and other personal hygiene items, used clothing & shoes, bedding (blankets, bed sheets, mosquito bed nets), books, pens, writing materials, foods, etc.

If you have goods to donate, please contact us to arrange details.


How to Donate Time:

We appreciate volunteers! Whether you are near or far, there are opportunities for you to support us with local activities, services or fundraising in your own home area.Please contact us to match your skills, interests & availability to the most current needs