Lake Region Community Development Initiative (LARCOD) is a 
Non-Profit, Community Based Organization (CBO) registered in Kenya. It was established by people local to this area in 2006, and formally Registered with the Kenyan government in 2009, registration number 508/2009.

The organization was started to address the challenges facing vulnerable children and women in Homa Bay County through active community participation.


A well-informed and educated generation free of AIDS.


To build and strengthen the capacity of the communities living around Lake Victoria and help them utilize the resources of the region more sustainably to benefit themselves as individuals, their families, and to develop the community.


Our set up and structure is people-centered and must ensure that people have hope for a better tomorrow.

To reach our goal we have been building interpersonal relationships by visiting households to conduct personal interviews. We have also been organizing public meetings courtesy of local chiefs and leaders of beach management units.

Sometimes we arrange to visit local schools to share with them ideas, the latest knowledge, and provide support for students.

We also enlist the services of other stake holders where necessary, including medico-legal strategies such as Gender Based Violence Recovery Centers, Comprehensive Post Rape Care, Legal and clinics and other support services.

We tell the children and youth that to acquire knowledge is to acquire power and the time to do it is not tomorrow, not now, but right now.


LARCOD operates primarily in the Rachuonyo area of Homa Bay County, which is in the south-western part of Kenya by Lake Victoria. The closest major city is Kisumu.

LARCOD offices are in Pala market, West Karachuonyo, Rachuonyo District, Karachuonyo Constituency, Homa Bay County, Nyanza Province.


Human Resources

At the helm of operations for the organization is Erick Wara, the organization Chairman who is a well-trained teacher and secondary school principal.

Hellen Staula Oromo co-ordinates the activities and is the Secretary of the organization. She is a well-trained counselor with vast experience.

Under her are three skilled volunteers who have a soft spot in their hearts for the gravity of the problems facing the constituency of this area. There are also field workers to help the capacity of the people we serve and collect data.

Members of the Board include:

Chairperson: Erick Wara
Assistant Chairperson: Mark Abuya
Secretary/Coordinator: Hellen Staula
Treasurer/Financial Adviser: Daniel Okweh
Organizer/Youth Representative: Joshua Magayi
Women Representative: Margaret Ochieng
Assistant Secretary: Elly Kowuor
Member: Moses Amuom
Member: Pamella Olweny

Problem Statement

Key issues in this District include poverty, diseases such as HIV/AIDS, and lack of education. These issues combine to create a vicious cycle that is difficult for individuals to break out of on their own.

Those adults who have achieved education and good employment try to help others follow the same path to success. However, there are many bright children in our community and the number of those in need is higher then we can manage without additional support.

We need to act now toward the vision of a well-informed and educated generation free of AIDS, and to prevent worst-case scenarios from becoming a reality. The best way to tackle these issues is at the local level. In addition to realizing that positive action must be locally based, we also welcome assistance from well-wishers within Kenya and around the globe.